Westfalia Grey Cabinet Laminate Sheet


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We’ve been sitting on these for quite some time due to working out the best shipping method. This is the closest match we have found for the Westfalia grey laminate. If you’re looking to replace damaged laminate anywhere in your van this is for you. These sheets are large enough to replace any areas that might need looking at.

Important note: Working with cabinet laminate is tricky. Please click here to read our detailed guide to installing laminate. If you do not have the proper tools or know-how, you run the risk of serious injury. When in doubt, have a shop install this laminate.

2 in stock


Laminate is sold in 2150 x 950 x 0.7mm sections ONLY. 

Please be aware that due to the nature of the product some chipping on the edges is to be expected until trimmed down. But as the sheets are so large you’ll have more than enough to work with.

Fitment notes:
• Gray will fit ’87-’91 Westys.

Shipping something this size can be a tricky business and pricing is all over the place at the moment. We have set the shipping value as ‘oversized’ but this may not cover the total shipping cost. We advise you contact us before ordering to get an accurate shipping cost at the time of purchase. 

Any customers outside the UK, before ordering please email us with your full delivery address to obtain an accurate shipping quote. 


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