is an online web shop. We work online as this allows us to keep our prices as competitive as possible and the quality and range of our products as high and interesting as they can be. Local pick up or ‘Click & Collect’ orders can be arranged if you give us some short notice so we can get your order together and boxed up. We don’t have an actual walk in retail shop with staff serving you, we offer an online personal service that you can count on.

Warehouse address for pick ups, Click & Collect or if you want to swing by (Strictly by appointment/prearrangement only)

Unit 28,
Winterpick Business Park,
Hurstpierpoint Rd,
West Sussex
Campervan Culture Limited
Company Reg No: 08971877

VAT No: 185 8721 66

Important Information

EU Customers: VAT and tariffs may apply to your order once it has been dispatched. We are no longer charging VAT on EU orders, this will be charged by each nation once the order has been imported into your destination country. You will be contacted by the customs teams in each destination country if any VAT or duties are due to be paid.


We always sympathise with any issues any customer may have and usually the terms and conditions of sale below are clear enough to help with any unrealistic expectations on the service we offer here at Campervan Culture Limited. We do not offer a ‘Buy & Try” service of parts to help you self diagnose vehicle issues or allow you just to see if something you purchase fits some other vehicle that isn’t the vehicle listed in the product description. If a product is purchased and fitted, unboxed or used in any way at all or if the wrong variation of product was ordered and fitted then we can not accept this item as a return. Please do not call or email us requesting this as it puts us in an awkward position and it will leave you feeling disappointed if you expect to be able to do so in any way at all. You would not be happy if we sent you a previously opened or fitted part so please don’t expect us to take yours back and send it to someone else.

England Scotland & Wales

Returns & Refunds – You have the right to cancel your contract within 14 days of receipt of the goods. The easiest way to do this is to return the goods to us in accordance with the below instructions. If you are unable to return the goods to us before the 14 day period has expired you need to notify us of your intention to cancel, always within the 14 day period. To do so, simply email or write to us at Campervan Culture Limited, Unit 28, Winterpick Business Park, Hurstpierpoint Rd, Wineham, Henfield, West Sussex, BN5 9BJ, United Kingdom.

We will then refund your purchase within 14 days of receiving the returned goods and require proof that the order has been returned. Any items returned to us must be in their original condition and packaging and all labelling attached – if they’re not, we will be unable to accept them. We will make a deduction from the refund for loss in value of any goods supplied, if the loss is the result of unnecessary handling by you. If any goods are returned to us as not working or faulty and they are found to be fully working and no fault found no refund at all will be given and you will be charged for any extra costs we have incurred for shipping and admin/testing time. Any warranty covers only the actual amount you were charged for the item, and does NOT include return shipping, installation charges, storage, towing, loss of time, inconvenience, lodging, etc.

Domestic & International orders – Once you have received your order from us you have a period of 7 days to inspect the contents of your parcels and notify us of any problems. The reason we set this strict rule and time frame is that customs can quite often check parcels if an international order and tape them back up. 99% of the time the government department in your home country do a a pretty good job in putting everything back together as it was and this standard procedure is trouble free and a necessary procedure to keep us safe. If do you see customs tape on your parcel and there is an issue and if you leave it more than 7 days to let us know, there will be nothing that we can physically do to help you. It will be outside of the timeline set by our shipping companies that allows us to help you. If in doubt, check…

By agreeing to our T&C’s at the point of sale Campervan Culture Limited reserve the right to cancel and refund any order at our discretion without any explanation or where we feel abuse or threatening behavior of any kind is directed at any member of our staff by phone or email or if unreasonable or unrealistic expectations are expected by any customer. If you ever fill out your own shipping address incorrectly and it does need amending then we get a charge of £9 to amend your order. We then have to pass this charge directly to you and an additional £10 admin fee will be charged this end for the extra time we have had to take out to correct your mistake. These charges are subject to UK VAT at 20%. so please insure you fill out your delivery address correctly before you tick the box that says you have read these very terms and conditions before your order can be processed. You have been warned..

Privacy Policy.

  • We do not share your personal contact information..
  • We do not store credit card details.


When choosing the shipping address that we are going to send your order to you must only give an actual building address where someone will be there to receive the order between the hours of 8am and 8pm. Please do not give addresses of boat moorings, mobile home plot numbers, PO boxes, mail forwarding or mail recieving offices, libraries, hospitals or any other public buildings etc, or even anything crazy like a tree house! If you do select any address that is not an actual physical residential building or working business address with someone there to receive the package, we can not be responsible for any failed deliveries. When you place an order with us you will receive tracking info (not applicable to small packet Royal Mail) that you must follow yourself. Our couriers will usually try to deliver up to three times and if they can not deliver to someone personally to sign for the package the order may be returned to us and you will be charged again for delivery. All delivery tracking these days has GPS location detection and when a courier shows a failed delivery it will show they were at your given shipping address at that time. There is no advantage for a courier to walk up to a front door and not hand over a parcel to the person waiting to receive the package. If you decide to contact the courier yourself to change any shipping detail other than the exact shipping instructions you have submitted on your order we are removed from any form of refund for your order. If your order is returned to us as a failed delivery it can be a slow return process and take up to 6-8 weeks for us to receive your parcel back. We will not be able to send you anything more than the exact shipment that was sent to you and can not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by this extra time in transit due to us not being able to connect your order with you in the first place. Please do not call or email us requesting any exemption to the above conditions as it puts us in an awkward position and it will leave you feeling disappointed as we can not adjust them.

Committing to ordering.

Once you have added everything to your shopping cart please check everything in your basket is correct as you are comitting to purchase the items you have selected. We are known for our speedy shipping so there is a good chance your order will be shipped the moment we receive it. By clicking the box that means that you have read and agree to our T&C’s of sale and have read all this before you have been taken to the check out and have been able to physically place the order. Once ordered your order will be shipped and we can not promise there will be someone available to read your email or answer your phone call before you change your mind and your order is shipped. In short, if you order something and pay for it is yours and it will be shipped to you, so check carefully before ticking the T&C’s box and pay for your order. Changes to orders will incur a £15 admin fee. Incorrect addresses or addresses with the wrong post/zip code or any address given that is mentioned in our “Selecting your shipping address T&C’s *PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING US ABOUT A SHIPPING ISSUE*” section will also incur a £15 admin fee.

BEFORE CALLING US PLEASE NOTE – DO NOT call us if you have already sent an email. This is a HUGE waste of time for you, us and the customers who are wanting their orders to arrive in a timely manner. If we spend two hours every morning replying to emails then another hour a day speaking to people who are calling telling us that they sent an email the evening before and haven’t checked their emails yet holds things up massively.

TEL – 01273 495111
(+44 1273 495111 for international orders & group buys)


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