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The Arctic Circle

VW T25/T3/Vanagon Syncro

Travelling in a smaller vehicle can be tough when it comes to storage, especially when on a longer trip of a few weeks. We were seeking true wilderness and idealistic remote camp spots off the beaten track and away from any crowds. Cooking outside on an open fire is what we are really into and wanted to do lots of that so it was time to turn and look at the maps once more. Up and over the arctic circle into the far north of Sweden Finland and Norway looked to be the perfect destination for this and boy were we blown away with how amazing this trip was. We had really dialled in our storage and cargo control  and had our compressor fridge freezer running totally off grid with our improved solar arrangement. Water storage had also been improved as was our awing set up.

Morocco Overland in a VW T25/T3/Vanagon Syncro

You can check out below some of the items we found to be important on this trip as well as gear we wish we had know about or would have existed at the time that would have made this experience of arctic travel even more rewarding.

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