Pyrenees coast to coast

VW Managon

By this point in our lives we have moved to a bigger truck. This isn’t to say we have left small van travel behind by any means. The truck is something we use as well as the vans we are already so we’ll known for using and undertaking trips in. The Pyrenees trip we did took us across the entire mountain range from the Mediterranean sea to the Atlantic Ocean. This trip was life changing in lots of ways but the truck came into its own when disaster struck! To have a truck to call home when we needed it was valuable and to have all of its systems running off grid is something that we couldn’t now be without.

Mountain travel is just so amazing, there is never a shortage of epic vistas and taking off road tracks and windy mountain roads at every opportunity leads you to find amazing wild camp spots. Having the extra living and storage space was a real game changer in the mountains as well as the added cargo weight carrying capabilities.

You can check out below some of the items we found to be important on this trip as well as gear we wish we had know about or would have existed at the time that would have made this experience of mountain travel even more rewarding.

Pyrenees coast to coast

From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic


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