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Overland to Morocco

VW T25, T3 & Vanagon Syncro

If you are anything like us you will have let your mind wander from time to time and imagined being in far away places, being included in amazing desert landscapes seeking perfect camp spots under star lit skys. Places that are culturally different, where the people look and dress differently to what you do and eat different foods than the ones you are used to eating at home. In the early days of CampervanCulture.com when we had started to get a bit of a following after making our weekend green laning and camping videos one of us mentioned that we really should do a worth while trip in our vans and make a film series about it.

Morocco Overland in a VW T25/T3/Vanagon Syncro

It was decided that Morocco would be the destination and the idea was for us to show our passion for travel and to inspire others. There wasn’t a whole lot of van gear available to kit vans out back then and even seeing a van with a solar panel on the roof wasn’t that common! What was on offer was mainly caravan style equipment that quite frankly wouldn’t cut the mustard. We made most of the equipment for our vans on that trip and this was to be the foundation of our own fabrication and produced products that you see on our web shop today. We learned allot about equipment on that trip and what was needed to keep you out in the wilderness longer and in more comfort.

This video series got us noticed by pretty much everyone who drove a VW T25/T3/Vanagon and any company that was servicing that market. Once the video edit had been done we did mention to one another how awesome it would be to one day get our fuel paid for by making travel videos like this and developing equipment for vans taking the road less travelled. Little did we know it would take off in such a big way and become our lives and what we do full time for a living becoming the trusted family run business we are today.

You can check out below some of the items we found to be important on this trip as well as gear we wish we had know about or would have existed at the time that would have made this experience of desert travel even more rewarding.

Desert Essentials

Gear we used or wished we’d had on our travels


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