CVC say,

“We have one of these fitted to our own truck The Managon for a few years and it has been an amazing bit of kit. It allows us to heat a tank of hot water via the waste heat from the engine coolant while driving and fires up when stationary to do the same as well as pre heats the engine for easy starting on very cold days. A must have item for any overland truck or van.”


  • Voltage – 12V or 24V
  • Heating medium – Coolant-antifreeze coolant
  • Optimal liquid/coolant volume – 10 – 12 L
  • Coolant liquid flow rate at 0 bar – 1200 l/h
  • Coolant liquid flow rate at 0.18 bar – 800 l/h
  • Heating power – 5 kW Power consumption 42W
  • Power consumption at start – 122 W (12V)/120W (24V)
  • Max work altitude (MASL) – 1000m  Fuel consumption 0.70 l/h max0.62 l/h max0.62 l/h max
  • Control mode – Manual/standard/remote control/modem
  • Compatible control panels – PU-27
  • Weight of the heater – 2.4 kg Weight of the set 8 kg
  • Heater dimensions – 220x90x136 mm – Package dimensions 55x39x15 cm


Kit Contents 


  • Heat insulation
  • Control panel PU-27
  • Rubber fuel pump clamp
  • Silent fuel pump
  • Cable wiring
  • Air Intake silencer
  • Exhaust 1m
  • Fuel dip tub
  • Mounting breaker with shock absorbers
  • Silencer with mounting bracket
  • Heat cover for exhaust pipe
  • Nylon fuel line
  • Liquid fuel pump

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