We’re away 19 April – 11 May on a special adventure and although the webshop will be taking orders during this time, nothing will be shipped until we get back. Orders made before the 18th of April should be shipped before we leave.

This time both Jed and Isaac will be flying out to Baja Mexico to meet up with our van fam Janice and Gregor from Live Travel Play fame. You may remember these two Canadian van lifers from our Cappadocia video uploads when Jed dropped in on part of the Turkey section of their world tour and made an amazing film about that experience (check that out HERE if you missed that). With Isaac now studying Spanish and other languages at college this chance to emerge fully in Mexican culture and in a Spanish speaking country was just a chance that couldn’t be passed up. Another bonus will be that Isaac can keep his eye on Jed and Gregor for three weeks to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble and Janice will have someone sensible to take with rather than just Gregor and Jed! An extra hand with filming and having an extra Spanish speaker will be super handy.

From the southern tip of Baja the four of them will be driving north slowly in Lucky the Vanagon to attend Syncrofest in the Hollister Hills California USA. CampervanCulture.com plays a small role in part sponsoring this event that has to be the best VW Vanagon meet in the whole world.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks to watch the adventure unfold.