The Westy Pop top is iconic, instantly doubling the sleeping capacity of the camper. Sometimes we just sleep in the top on a summers evening, with the canvas windows open. But… we always seem to loose a pillow in the night and we end up folding our last pillow to make up for it. It can be a real pain. This is when the bed guard earns its’ stripes. Not only will it keep everything in the bed, so you can get some well earned rest, it can also provide an extra level of safety for any kids sleeping up in the top, along with any pets that might choose the top bunk!

Before you order, please make sure your Westy is already kitted out with the pins that these slot onto (see pic below). These were commonly fitted to Westfalia Jokers, Club Jokers, Californias and Atlantics.

They are both available here in Brown and Grey