Our CVC Cargo Gear Panel Range has been something we have had in the pipeline for a while.

This product is to compliment our interior panel range, to enable Westfalia owners to have a consistent look throughout their camper and to benefit from buying our complete package.

Our Cargo Gear range is all about using matching materials and complimenting the factory OEM look and feel of the van. Vertical tool storage bags isn’t a new concept, but one that works really well when it is next to the engine bay, a handy place to store them!

Our own design and pricing consideration.

More Clever Storage – Making use of the space, without adding clutter.

No Drilling Required – We know how fussy us Westfalia owners can be and what a big ‘NO NO’ to some it is to drill into your cabinets to fit accessories. Our

CVC Cargo Gear Storage Panel range requires no extra holes drilling into your pride and joy

Matching Materials – Complimenting the factory OEM look and feel of the van throughout the CVC Cargo Gear Storage Panel Range.

More Than Just Tool Storage – We realise that you need to stash away more than just tools. The three removable zip pockets and smaller top pocket are designed to be easily removed from the base panel if required to be taken anywhere in or around the vehicle. They are made at a slight angle not only as a signature design feature but to allow you to store longer items that are not tools and make full clever use of the storage area on offer.

Tool Storage – Lets talk about spanners shall we? Having a whole set of spanners permanently mounted from 6mm – 19mm next to the engine bay in theory makes sense right? Well we disagree…. We have been around for a while. On the many trips across different countries and continents worldwide we have taken in vans we found the engine wasn’t the first area that needed a tickle with some spanners. Usually some rattle under the van, the front breaks or any other random maintenance issue away from the rear of the van can flag up first. Our signature removable pockets, that can be used for spanners, allow you to just remove the bunch of tools you need (usually 2 x 10mm 2 x 13mm 2 x 17mm 1 x 19mm and an adjustable spanner) and take just those under, around the front or inside the van with your multi tool. This simple design feature saves you keep having to get out from under or around the front of the van just to go through a full collection of spanner sizes that you will most likely find your van doesn’t use. Just simply remove the pouch with the spanner sizes needed and take it with you. There is still plenty more space for all the spanner sizes/pliers/screwdrivers etc if required and anything else you need to work inside the engine bay.

Available As Individual Items – Available as individual items in the CVC Cargo Gear Storage Panel Range to allow you to buy or collect a full matching set for your van, giving your van a clean and consistent look throughout.

Pricing – We ship fast worldwide and our pricing is as competitive as possible keeping you the customer in mind. Order as part of our CARGO GEAR STORAGE PANEL RANGE set or individually.

The full CVC Cargo Gear Range can be found via this link. Go check hot out https://campervanculture.com/product-…