Our Cargo Gear Panel Range has been something we have had in the pipeline for a while. We wanted to make use of the hidden areas that just held insulation and if your insulation hasn’t been changed, or installed correctly, there’s a good chance it is damp and creating rust from the inside of your vehicle. We believe our Cargo Gear Panel range aids in reducing this problem, whilst adding storage with more than just a thermal benefit. When sitting down and designing this one we did notice that the long wire that pulls on the door catch from the handle runs horizontal so we made six top pockets so that cable can run through the middle of them without effecting storage space inside the pockets. There are also self adhesive strips song the back of the pockets that stick inside the door to aid in avoiding future sagging. More Clever Storage – Making use of the space, without adding clutter. No Drilling Required – We know how fussy us Westfalia owners can be and what a big ‘NO NO’ to some it is to drill into your cabinets to fit accessories. Our CVC Cargo Gear Storage Panel range requires no extra holes drilling into your pride and joy. Upgraded Look – Upgrading the old panels with a fresh grey or tan quality material, inline with the factory look. Available As Individual Items – Available as individual items in the CVC Cargo Gear Storage Panel Range to allow you to buy or collect a full matching set for your van, giving your van a clean and consistent look throughout. Pricing – We ship fast worldwide and our pricing is as competitive as possible keeping you the customer in mind.


Link to the full range here for your viewing pleasure, https://campervanculture.com/product-… We ship world wide every day.. The CVC Team