Wheel, carriers.. we have seen them all! The range has been varied over the years and very few have stood the test of time in both quality, longevety and availability. We now have a full fabrication shop to hand with a team of qualified engineers and our own in-house designs fed by actual experience of using equipment and this valuable resource is something we are confident to lean on and utilise. The most important part of development is the experience of using vehicle gear over the years, otherwise the real risk of designing something through interpretation is floored from the very start. Buy cheap, buy twice is a real thing.
How to order –
Choose the side of your vehicle you would like your swing out to be hinged on when looking at the rear of the vehicle.
Once you have chosen that and added this to your cart please select if you would like the standard wheel mount, the add on alloy wheel extension mount or the tray add on.
This selection process will allow you to use your swing outs how you like, so if you would like a twin wheel carrier set up on some trips but a wheel and tray set up on a different one or even a twin tray set up you can do this without buying a whole new wheel carrier for when you change your mind. Clever hey!