OK.. before we go any further with this we know what is about to come! Yep, we know that a side door isn’t sharp enough to cut someones head off but we have to mention the following as there will be a bunch people that will think you are all a bit hard of thinking although we know that if you are reading this as a customer of CampervanCulture.com you are not. We know this is absolute common sense but here goes..

This new single glazed window does not come with a warning sticker to warn you not to stick your head out to the window when fitting the window upgrade to the same side as your sliding door. For extra ventilation and being able to open a window whilst lay in bed these windows are off the scale! They open from the front side of the van and are finished in black.

Fits all VW T25/T3/Vanagon models 1980 – 1990