We are proud to launch the CVC Produced VW T25 T3 Vanagon Engine Vent Charge Point Cover. We offer two options, left and right side in the drop down box. As you sit in the van looking forward just choose the side you would like.. Left gets you a vent charge point cover for your left and a right side gets you one for your right side.

We are working hard to bring you the best quality while still honouring the OEM looks and entegrity of the vehicle you drive. Through our own own experience of using the vehicles you drive too we are able to develop unique products we feel our own van required while taking the road less travelled or just keeping our weekends away stress free.

The CVC Produced VW T25 T3 Vanagon Engine Vent Charge Point Cover is made by us here in the UK to our own design from lightweight aluminium that has been etch primed and powder coated to be as durable as possible. VW created the vans we drive with these engine vents the shape they are for a reason. We didn’t want to just cut a metal plate with some mesh on the back, that would stop the job VW designed the factory vents for in the first place. What we have done is to compliment the vehicle by keeping the OEM styling of our aftermarket addition that caters for the gadgets we use in this day and age.

The power points included with this product are a high quality ROKK Charge+ Waterproof Dual USB Fast Charge Socket where you have a great location to plug your awning light into as well as other electrical items you may want to charge. We chose the location for these to be at the top of the vent due to the second connector being for your solar and your solar being usually on the roof right? This connection point makes it a possible easy entry point into the vehicle without drilling holes into your roof or a very convenient point to plug in your tiger2solar blanket that we stock. Check those out in the related products on the website product listing.

Installation –

The VW T25 T3 Vanagon factory engine vents are very easy to get hold of and very cheap to buy second hand as pre loved. We see most vans that end up in a junk yard/scrap yard have these still attached. We actually have a bunch here that are going on the shop this next week. For this reason we are not worried about ‘adjusting’ the factory vents by taking a fin out and filing two of the ajoining fins and if you ever feel the need to swap your van back to factory it is no real drama. After making the modifications you just simply hook the mounting plate over the top of the vent locating pegs and drill 2 x small holes for the fixing bolt location along the bottom edge. A feed for the ROKK Charge+ Waterproof Dual USB Fast Charge Socket can be run from the engine bay easily or run a fused cable directly from your leisure battery. Please see the other cable connectors in this section or related items for a plug and play solution to the solar connecting plug.