1990 VW T25 T3 2.1 DJ Syncro GL with Genuine Westfalia interior


Originally used by the Swedish air force until decommissioned and brought over to the UK in August 2006 & sold by FBI Volkswagen Services in Swansea to the previous owner in April 2007, after which I purchased it in December 2013.

Initially it was used by the previous owner in its original 2 tone blue and seven seat state for a couple of years before being fitted with a genuine Westfalia interior and elevating roof from O’Connors Campers. It was then subsequently re-sprayed (poorly) by the previous owner in the lighter of the original 2 tone colour of Capri blue around 2009.

When I originally purchased this Syncro I regularly drove it once a week or so for my 50 mile round trip commute to work all year round with the occasional 400+ mile round trips a couple of times a year. My circumstances, not unsurprisingly have changed over the years and this is the vehicle I use the least so I cannot justify keeping it. I have kept it in very good mechanical condition with parts & garage receipts to prove. The bodywork would benefit from some work as it isn’t perfect by any means, however it is in a perfectly usable state.

Summary of work since owned:

  • Exhaust 1-3 manifold & knuckle joint replaced with stainless steel items (system is now all stainless with the exception of 2-4 manifold) (June 2018).
  • Coolant system flushed & refilled with VW G13 at same time as above exhaust work done because the intermediate pipe water pump to thermostat housing was replaced as a cautionary measure due to corrosion (June 2018).
  • Oil pressure switch at rear of engine replaced whilst exhaust was off to cure a minor oil leak (June 2018).
  • Power steering system drained, flushed & refilled with correct vw spec power steering fluid (June 2018). There is no issue with the power steering, this was changed because I had no record of it ever being done.
  • Gearbox oil drained, differential and pinion head inspected with borescope showing no damage to pinion head or crown wheel. Minimal metal fluff build up on magnetic pick up & gearbox refilled with GL4 spec oil (June 2018). Again no issue with gearbox, however I had no record of it ever being done.
  • Front & rear brakes cleaned & serviced (June 2018).
  • New starter battery with 5yr warranty (July 2017).
  • Full service (oil, oil & air filters, spark plugs, distributor rotor arm & cap, both v belts (Sept 2015).
  • Front wheel bearings replaced (Sept 2015).
  • Fuel hoses replaced (Sept 2015).
  • Coolant system was flushed & refilled with VW G13 (Sept 2015). Replaced due to no record of being done previously.
  • Handbrake cables replaced (Sept 2015).
  • Water pump replaced (due to failure whilst on holiday), oil change & fan belt (Oct 2014)
  • Oil & filter service (June 2014).
  • Front suspension Powerflex poly bush kit installed (June 2014). Purchased via a ‘Club 80-90’ Forum group buy offer.
  • Rear gear change bush, joint & cup replaced (June 2014).
  • Fan blower motor replaced (Jan 2014).

The following has been fitted (from new, previous owner or myself):

  • 16” Mercedes ML wheels with 235/65R16 tyres (Toyo Open Country) in excellent condition.
  • Longer studs to front and back hubs to cater for 20mm spacers.
  • Swing out spare wheel carrier.
  • Hydraulic power steering fitted with new steering rack, pipes etc which makes the van a joy to drive.
  • Elevating roof was fitted with extra heavy ‘sail cloth’ as opposed to the standard lighter canvas.
  • Original Westfalia rock and roll bed (fantastically comfortable) with storage underneath.
  • Original Westfalia cupboards, sink with pump, 3-way fridge (runs off gas, mains electric or leisure battery) double burner hob.
  • Very rare buddy seat behind front passenger seat which folds and unclips in seconds
  • 2 swivel tables (not Westfalia).
  • Factory fitted rear heating system (under rear seat) and a Eberspacher water heater and timer which warms the engine water prior to starting. This failed to operate until I replaced the fuel pump a couple of years ago, however again it is failing to ignite.
  • Syncro truck door mirrors.
  • Access ladder fitted on rear door.
  • Bosch driving lights.
  • Steel light grills over front & rear indicators/lights
  • Sliding side windows.
  • Just Kampers dash tidy.
  • Floor heating ducting (from front cab to rear)
  • Curtains on ‘Silent Gliss’ rails
  • Heavy duty flooring.
  • Nato style tow hitch with 3 hitch options.
  • Chrome front and rear GL Spec bumpers.
  • Stainless Steel back box, intermediate pipe.
  • Heavy duty rubber mats fitted in front footwells.
  • Includes original VW instruction manual in original folder.