1988 VW T3 T25 1.9 TD (AAZ) Syncro


Body overhauled 2015/2016 (many photos existing) incl. conservation with penetrating oil. Probably every single part has been rebuild within the last few years: brakes, power steering, cardan shaft, shaft drives, engine works among others. Gearbox has been overhauled by the pre-owner. I have many invoices as documentation. Fresh oil and filter change.
Probably some wear parts will need rebuilding within the next 2 years again – daily business vor vanagon owners. Windscreen needs a piece of tape to be fully dry, but the frame has no rust!! Painting has some noses, and had to be re-painted on the driver’s side (stupid bush in my way!) One light of the diff-lock control is broken, but the locks are working! Digital clock missing, interior incl. cushion need cleaning.

Accessories included: rescue strap, Defa-connection cable, hand-sewn curtains, set if insulating mats, fire exstinguisher, rubber floor mats, garbage collector.

Engine & Exterior

  • Left-Hand-Drive
  • Exchange engine 1.9 TD (AAZ)
  • Mileage approx. 250.000 kilometres. Body has 392.000 kilometres
  • Permanent 4-wheel-drive, difflock front and back.
  • Power steering.
  • All-terrain tyes 225/75 R16 (Goodyear AT Wrangler) on Mefro steel wheels.
  • Lifted body
  • Old-Man-Emu shock absorbers
  • Additional oil cooler
  • Tuned injection pump
  • Zyklon- air filter
  • Rev counter
  • Boost pressure display
  • Fire-extinguishing system above engine
  • Battery separator
  • Swedish radiator grille
  • Taifun, work lights, cross-hair beams
  • Truck mirrors, additional wide-angle mirrors
  • Farmont glass lift-up window
  • Two triangle-vent windows
  • Two sliding windows in the middle, two forced ventings in the back.
  • Strengthened D-pillar
  • Spare wheel carrier Ortec
  • Roof carrier
  • Rear ladder, sun protection, central lock.


  • Self-build camping interior
  • Spirit stove
  • Dometic, sink with fresh and waste water,
  • Multivan bench with 2 x three-point and 1 x lap belt
  • Second battery with charger
  • Solar cell
  • Defa 220V-power inlet
  • Diesel auxiliary heater Planar 2D
  • Isolated interior (x-trem isolator)
  • CB radio
  • Air compressor
  • Original tuner VW Beta
  • Soundbar
  • Big map table
  • Additional cigarette lighters and 3 USB-plugs.
  • Luggage protection bars, upholstered door boards with nets.