When the invitation arrived for me to join Canadian globe trotters Live.Travel.Play for a short while when on their Turkish section of their world tour, I jumped at the opportunity.
Back in part 1 we experienced skies full of hot air Ballons and some amazing cave exploring in the side of mountains at The Red Valley Cappadocia.
In part 2 there is still no shortage of exploring but this time for us it was all about tracking down the best food and drink as well as putting Lucky, the Vanagon through it’s paces by taking it off road once more.

Lucky’s 2WD suspension lift kit can be found on the CampervanCulture.com web shop by clicking HERE
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I hope you enjoy this first part of the three part series of this trip out east. Please feel free to Like/Comment/Subscribe…

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Website, http://livetravelplay.marionette.ca

Sit back grab a beer and enjoy this amazing part of the world with CampervanCulture.com and Live.Travel.Play.