Covid travel restrictions were lifted so the decision was made to do something we have been talking about since we were last allowed to attend Syncrofest in California USA back in 2019 before the global pandemic was even a thing!

Chris and I have been talking a bit on video messenger about how epic it would be to drive from his place in New York State to California and end the trip at Syncrofest. Syncrofest is a Vanagon event that both of our companies have a hand in sponsoring every year so we really wanted to go again. We worked out the logistics of how this can be done but we had no idea of the drama that lay infant of us. The plan was to rent a minivan and stay in that most of the time and bring a tent to put up when we could. This is not how things worked out…. We did find a new found fondness for cheap motel rooms and eventually got to sleep out under the stars in the end.

Now sit back, grab a beer and some popcorn while we take you on a 3000 mile road trip across the USA in 7 days.