Last time you watched us dabble in painting test patches with a roller to see how that would turn out. Well, it went pretty well so we jumped right in and decided to do the whole van as we were getting quotes of £10,000 to spray it!


You won’t find us on Patreon. You won’t ever see us making these videos to sell you a VPN service, hipster health shakes or some power bank that you don’t need in a vehicle that already has a power bank from factory!! If you like what we create then we have a fully comprehensive website right here that we actually work at as a real job and can supply you with all your van parts and adventure gear that we physically hold stock of and everything is shipped with care by ourselves. Pushing lazy amazon affiliate links and telling you it is helping the channel out isn’t our bag…

Check out what we have on our web shop, it keeps us doing what we do.


Jed Lou & Isaac