Back when Russel finished the bodywork we needed to find someone to paint the van. We were getting quotes from paint shops of £10,000 and that was just to much for a van that is going to be driven and dragged along branches and all kinds of other things on the dirt roads, byways etc that we love to take. Besides this van is going to be built for travel and 10k can buy a lot of diesel!

After establishing some test spots and working out a method, we are quite sure at this point that we will be roller painting the van to make it super durable and easy to maintain and repair and not have us getting to wrapped up in looking after and maintaining a top notch super dooper shiny expensive paint job.  Part 2 of this episode sees us getting to grips with things before we totally jump in and get the paintwork finished and we try our best to keep at least some of the vans previous character.


Jed Lou & Isaac