Welcome to part 3 and the final part of The CampervanCulture.com Pyrenees Coast to Coast Adventure Film Series.

We venture off this time to some amazing remote camp spots yet again as we explore the western side of the mighty Pyrenees.

This episode is like no other episode we have filmed before and has been a very hard one to edit for me personally as I had to leave a lot of what actually happened out at what is a crucial point of this video.
Sometimes when travelling you do hit some low points when life throws you something from the left field and you just have to deal with it. Not because you are brave, not because you want to, you simply handle stuff because you have to.

Rather than just sweep what goes on when things turn bad under the carpet, I have tried my best here to share what has been for us the most intense situation we have ever found ourselves in as a family that likes to travel.

Did we complete our goal of driving The Pyrenees coast to coast?

Grab a beer, sit back and see for yourself.

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A massive thank you from the The CVC Team.