Back in Part 1 we headed down to the North of Spain and dipped our toe into the Mediterranean sea. The drive through France on the way down gave us some super hot weather but some of the amazing places we found to free camp made all that no real hassle. We hit our first off road trail and truly remote camp spot as we tackled the first quarter of the Pyrenees, but here in part 2 we really upped the game as we entered Andorra.

I can see why many people don’t really get on with the first impressions of what Andorra has to offer but after a bit of research we found some of the most amazing locations to drive, explore and free camp. Andorra is a small country with a big heart. After entering the country from the south and the conventional boarder crossing that was no hassle at all, we had a goal of leaving the place via a gravel track known as The Smugglers Route that is supposed to cut a path through some pristine wilderness. The big issue for us is that we couldn’t find any info about the trail to give us the heads up to if we were even going to make it due to our size.

Did we make it?
Was it as amazing as it was supposed to be?

To find out you will have to settle down to find out for yourself.. The whole Smugglers Route section can be found mapped out HERE for you if you would like to follow that.

So.. Grab a beer and settle in with us as we invite you to drive with us side by side and follow this trip as the episodes launch every Thursday at 7PM GMT

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