Welcome to this years summer film series.

This time you get to watch this trip in three parts. The first epesode of any of the features we bring to you always takes up a little bit of transit time as we move towards a destination or goal. This time the mission was to dip our toe in the Mediterranean sea then drive across the Pyrenese mountain range length ways and end up dipping our toe in the Atlantic Ocean. There is no real reason why we chose to drive this route east to west, it just felt the right way to do it.
On hearing there were lots of gravel road sections and not knowing if we were going to be to big to get through any of them, the only thing to be done was to go and find out.
Because we were going to be driving length ways across this mountain range and the fact this range is a huge natural boarder between three countries (France Andorra & Spain) there were to be a whole lot of small narrow roads to climb in the truck.

Did we make it?
Did we experience any mechanical issues?
Did we find any epic remote camp spots?
Did we run into any other serious problems?

Tune in over the next three weeks as we launch all three episodes every Thursday at 7PM GMT.

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A massive thank you from the The CVC Team.