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1986 VR6 powered Galvanised Syncro for sale. £18000 NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

The owner says,

“This unique van is the only one I know of that has taken a galvanising bath before paint. There are no rust problems anywhere and the paint was refreshed last year. The van drives very nicely with 190bhp, poly bushes and power steering. It is a left hand drive originally coming from a VW engineer from the Hanover factory but don’t let that put you off. I have very recently replaced the suspension with powder coated items and at the same time replaced all the wheel bearings, ball joints and all bushes with poly bushes. It rides superbly with very little roll. I am selling because I just don’t use it any more. The kids are teenagers now and won’t come camping so it just sits in the garage forlornly. I am currently building a T4 syncro as well which will replace this and my daily driver so despite what my heart tells me the beast needs to go. ” Continue reading