T3 T25 Dash upgrades

VW Transporter T3 T25 Vanagon Plasma Gauge Cluster – Back light style dash lighting upgrades.

The standard VW dash lighting is weak at best, the bulbs have a tendency to blow and finding replacements all the time can be irritating.
This kit has been developed to bring your Transporter T3/T25/Vanagon dash lights up to date and in line with modern vehicles by providing back-lit style characters on all of the instruments and an illuminated needle like you see on current vehicles.

These plasma gauge faces are direct reproductions of the Miles per Hour (MPH) units originally supplied by Volkswagen on the T3/T25 Transporter or Vanagon which have markings for both MPH and KMH. This means they provide an option for those people who currently have a Kilometers per Hour (KMH) speedometer and wish to change to MPH without needing to buy an entire speedo unit. The bonus being that all the lighting is upgraded as well as changing the units of measurement.

100 MPH Speedometer and 6000rpm Rev counter Plasma Gauge kit

Each kit is supplied with orange needle paint. In the following images the Speedometer needle is painted with orange and the Rev counter, Fuel and Temp needles are left white so you can make a comparison.

T3 T25 Vanagon Plasma Gauge upgrade - Night view

T3 T25 Vanagon Plasma Gauge upgrade - daylight

The brightness and hue of the gauge illumination can be adjusted via the inclusive adjuster. The brightness of the needle can also be adjusted via the original brightness adjuster on the original headlight switch.

Installation requires a minimal amount of tools and no specialist knowledge, full installation instructions are provided in a link further down this page.

Suitable for all VW T3/T25/Vanagon from 1982 – 1992
(Note – We also supply a whole range of plasma kits in both MPH & KPH, Rev counter & Standard clock by clicking HERE)

The following items are included in each Taco kit:

– 1x Speedometer
– 1x Rev counter
– 1x 12V Ballast with hue & brightness adjustment control (with sticky pad for mounting)
– 1x Fuel gauge
– 1x Temp gauge
– 2x Speedometer/Rev counter LED’s
– 1x White light LED (for the center console)
– 1x Scotch block connector (for splicing into power feed from headlight switch)
– 2x Piece of silver foil tape (for the insides of the bulb holders to create a reflector)
– 1x Pot of paint for all needles (speedo, rev counter, fuel and temp)
– 4x strips of VHB (very high bond) double sided tape (for fuel and temp gauges)

T3 Plasma Gauge Kit Contents

Price: £85 plus UK Post and Packing

Buy them here: Online Shop

We now ship world wide every day.


32 thoughts on “T3 T25 Dash upgrades

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  2. Holydiver

    Looks good but of corse it will mean removing the needles, which could be an issue?? In the past I’ve broken 2x gauge trying to get the needles off, having said I’d still add one to the list of upgrades I’d like to do.

    1. Al@campervanculture.com Post author

      Hi Jon,

      The needles in the photographs are in fact all painted, the ones on the Rev counter, Fuel gauge and Temp gauge are painted with white.

      I’ve given people the option of having either orange or white needles. The pics are just to illustrate the difference.

      My personal preference is the orange. 🙂

      1. alistair

        Yes, it is a nice upgrade. But it does come with some cautions – any time you muck around with the brittle plastic and delicate foil in the cluster you have to be quite careful.


    1. Al@campervanculture.com Post author

      Hi Ash,

      Are you guys in OZ kilometers then? I assumed that your system would be Mph?

      As it happens, i had a funny feeling some people might start to request Kmh dials, so i actually sent an email to my manufacturer yesterday to ask about this. I’ll will let you know as soon as i hear from them.

  3. Rick Hurst

    These look great! My T3 (1.6d) doesn’t currently have a rev counter – would this kit be enough to get one in there, or does it rely on certain things already being there? You’ll have to excuse my ignorance – I have no idea how the rev counter works – presumably there must be a sensor somewhere on the engine which I might not have – or are they cable driven?

  4. Al@campervanculture.com Post author

    Hi Rick,

    You need to already have a rev counter for these kits i’m afraid.

    FYI – Diesel rev counters take an electrical signal from the ‘W’ terminal on the Alternator, a cable in the loom sends this signal to the rev counter at the dash.


  5. Rob

    Hi Al,
    These look great! My friend has just upgraded all his interior lights as well and this would be a fantastic addition! Can you get a price to Jo’burg S.A as well please, orange for all and Kmh if possible?
    Thanx Rob.

    1. Al@campervanculture.com Post author

      Hi Rob,

      No problem, I will find out a price for shipping to SA for you.
      Do you guys not use MPH? I could have sworn blind that when i drove out there it was all miles and miles per hour?

      My memory has been known to get things wrong in the past though…… he he.

      I have made inquiries about Kmh gauges and will let you know.

    1. Al@campervanculture.com Post author

      Hi Karl,

      There is an Led supplied with the kit for the center panel which brings the lighting in line with the modern feel from the Gauge upgrade. I don’t really see any need to develop anything for this location given that it is already back lit.

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