These spot/search lights are the business. Not only can you direct the light where you want it with the remote control unit it is also super bright. This light is perfect to search for things outside the vehicle when you are safely inside (intruders, wild animals camp spots off the road in very dark areas etc..). We have personally used these lights and one will be carried with us on the Managon for sure.

A powerful 24V HID xenon search light.

  • 24V DC 55W HID Xenon.
  • Internal ballast.
  • Black nylon plastic body and glass lens.
  • With plastic splash-proof lens cover.
  • Magnetic base and removable mounting plate.
  • Wireless remote control (up to 50 Metre).
  • Lamp rotates 360° in azimuth and plus or minus 60° in vertical.
  • Protected to IP65.

Supplied With

  • 55 watt H1 xenon bulb.
  • Remote handset.
  • 2.6M lead with cigarette lighter plug.


  • Length: 200mm.
  • Width: 175mm.
  • Height: 260mm.