Wind Fairing For Rack / 1255mm (W)


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This Wind Fairing will reduce drag and wind noise while pushing airflow up and over your rack’s cargo. It’s easy to secure the Wind Fairing to your rack in just three simple steps.

10 in stock

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Get a bold new overlanding look in minutes. Create a solid appearance by covering the gap from roof to rack. Air flows easily over the rack and accessories, reducing drag and wind noise. Helps fuel consumption while carrying bulky loads. Easily secures to your roof rack in three simple steps. Adjustable brackets allow the Wind Fairing to be correctly angled and positioned on your vehicle. A durable rubber blade is fitted to the bottom edge of the Wind Fairing to help seal any gaps and act as a roof guard when traveling over rough terrain. An optional clear protective strip is included to eliminate any potential rare minor scuffing caused by heavy dust. Note: May interfere with sunroof operation on some vehicles.


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