Protect your pride and joy! Fits both LHD & RHD vans.


Number of seat covers included: Double Passenger
Please check to make sure this is suitable for your vehicle. Please read the description:

Designed to fit the double passenger bench seat in the Volkswagen Transporter with under seat storage compartment. These seats are found in both T5 and T6 generations.


  • Maintains full seat adjustment
  • Accommodates integrated seat belts
  • Allows access to under seat storage
  • Held firmly in place with elastic apron and Velcro

Four pieces: One double back cover, two headrests and one base cover.

We want to sell you seat covers that are fit for purpose. Seat covers that protect your seats, whilst being comfortable. For us, the choice of material was crucial. Our covers are made from hard-wearing 600 denier Polyester with a waterproof Polyurethane coating (generally referred to as 600D/PU). The cheaper nylon/PVC combination covers you’ll find elsewhere, these are extremely uncomfortable in hot environments and, indeed, feel very cold on chilly mornings. Furthermore, PVC is environmentally damaging on multiple levels and most responsible retailers have phased it out.

The 600D/PU that we use is tough and durable, together with being waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 600mm and has excellent UV resistance qualities, preventing fading and damage.
The 600D/PU has an extremely heavy duty, strong and tough matrix, which gives high resistance to tearing and scuffing, one of the many reasons that this material is widely used in backpacks, soft luggage and sports goods. The superior strength and durability of 600D/PU is prevalent despite the material feeling thinner than other materials such as 210 Nylon with PVC backing or fabric materials which are commonly used by our competitors.