A simple pop-in replacement for the stock Hella light that’s above the driver’s door. It features two high output LEDs and a 3 way switch in a durable 3D printed ABS housing. The reason for the colours is that the red light will not effect your natural night vision when driving at night or if you hear a noise outside at night when wild camping.

Here are some sample wiring diagrams for two popular ways to configure the product:

One customer was nice enough to give us a write up on how he installed his units, this worked for him with his van.

  • Cut the wire harness from both LED’s to about 3in in length.
  • Strip the black outer harness 2in, to expose the red and black wires within.
  • Join both of the red wires together.
  • Join both of the black wires together.
  • Attach female connectors to the red and black wires.
  • The Black Connector goes to the center of the switch.
  • The Red Connector goes to the hot lead from the overhead light.
  • The Ground leads going to the stock lamp need new connector ends, remove and replace them.
  • Attach the new leads on each side of the new switch.
  • Run jumper wires for additional lighting as needed.