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VW T25, T3 & Vanagon DELUXE Westfalia Roof Thermal Wrap – NEW FOR 2023


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The Produced VW T25, T3 & Vanagon Westfalia pop top interior thermal screen really is a must have item with a whole range of benefits that other wraps simply do not have.

Sleeping in the roof is no longer drawing the short straw!




18 in stock


The VW T25, T3 & Vanagon Westfalia DELUXE pop top interior thermal screen really is a must have item with a whole range of benefits. We are like you and use the van that you drive so know what is needed to make life that bit more comfortable on the road.

In our quest for perfection we went right back to the drawing board to consider safety of set up for all ages and abilities, easier to put up and take down from the inside of the van in bad weather where it is dry and blowing a gail outside! (kite flying/kite surfing or sailing has it’s place and this is not the time for that), modular application when using in hot weather to keep the van even cooler than ever before, more than double the thermal value of the wrap when used in cold conditions to keep the heat in.


Winter – This screen keeps your van warmer with the roof up, that’s a fact!
Summer – This screen keeps your van cool when parked in the sun, that’s a fact!
Wind – This screen stops your canvas from flapping around, that’s a fact!
Noise – This screen reduces the amount of outside noise you can hear from the inside, that’s a fact!
Light – This screen reduces the amount of light entering the top bed through the canvas walls, that’s a fact!

The VW T25, T3 & Vanagon Westfalia pop top internal thermal screen with it’s 4 part connectible panels are easy to fit to any T25, T3 & Vanagon Westfalia pop top roof. It is NOT made from cheap thin single layer generic thin reflectix from the likes of B&Q, Screwfix, Walmart or Home Depot like other offerings…  Connection is easy with super strength wide velcro. Our CVC Produced Westfalia DELUXE pop top interior thermal screen is made from a unique 10mm thick double layered insulated material that you simply will not find anywhere else used in this application. All edges are trimmed with a high quality edging and reinforced with a clear plastic strip insert so the stitching will never fail. The 10mm thickness not only hugely increases the thermal properties of this unique product but also keeps the wrap ridged at all times.

Extra design consideration – We not only made this for a 100% wrap around system with no cold spots on all four sides of the canvas for winter conditions but introduced the 4 panel system for summer use. Especially for those of us with three window roof canvases like the ones we produce here at (see related items below). If you would like a lay in when sleeping in the roof in summer then simply use just the side or front panel that the sun hits first thing in the morning. That way you block all of that light and heat and you get to zip open your front or side windows on the opposite sides with the bug mesh in place giving you amazing air flow and views from your penthouse. We took care to eliminate the need to use any bungee type cord. You know the type of thing, those dangerous ones with the metal wire hooks at the end that will have your eye out when they let go! Let’s face it, the weather could be bad when you use this product so let’s not take any chances.

Storage – When folded up in the bag this thermal wrap stores in the gap at the back of the bed in the roof with the roof down.

  • Good quality
  • Excellent value
  • Tried and tested by CVC

We hold all of our CVC produced products in stock here in the UK for fast dispatch to the UK and worldwide.



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Wrap & bag if you have factory snaps on roof, Wrap, bag & snaps if don't have snap bases


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