VW T25 T3 Vanagon Westfalia *PANORAMIC SKY ROOF CANVAS* After 1985 (later screw in type) GREY/BLACK


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This new CampervanCulture.com roof canvas for the later style screw in roof canvas type (1985 to 1990) is something we have been working on for quite some time.


8 in stock


This new CampervanCulture.com roof canvas for the later style screw in roof canvas type (1985 to 1990) is something we have been working on for quite some time.

As Westfalia van owners ourselves we know how most of us who own Westfalia camper vans can be purists and anything that doesn’t look totally OEM or original in design and function just isnt worth considering to be fitted to our pride and joy. Our ever popular VW T25 T3 Vanagon 3 Window Westfalia Roof Canvas *CVC PRODUCED BEST QUALITY* After 1985 (later screw in type) Grey has the VW T25 T3 Vanagon Westfalia owner covered who does fall into the ‘purest camp’ who wants to fit a quality tried & tested roof canvas with the best possible fit and trumps anything else on the market by a long shot. Our new Panoramic Sky Canvas is not by any means a replacement or uprated product to replace our CVC Produced Best Quality 3 window roof canvas, as we still stand by those being the best choice around for the factory look and function over anything else on the market. Because this new style Panoramic Sky Canvas is so far removed from the factory look and function and we are continuing to carry healthy stock of our CVC Produced Best Quality 3 window roof canvas, we figured there is not much point in holding back with this new canvas and we may as well go for it for those not too hung up on the factory look!

Design qualities –

We have personally owned a VW Westfalia for 14+ years as well as having used other Westfalia vans around the world and have spent more nights sleeping in one over that time than we could possibly remember. Using the vehicles that we supply and innovate parts for on different continents from Europe to Africa to Asia to North America has given us the edge over these years when it comes to R&D work and that shines through in the products we produce and supply to you fine folks. With the Panoramic Sky Roof Canvas we used our own experience of taking a Westfalia to places and using it as the starting point and then threw the rule book out of the window. We were a good way through the prototype stage and after countless material trials, and having that part now buttoned up we took a break and went on a two week trip to Baja, Mexico. While on that trip we had two adults (Isaac and Jed) sleeping in the roof of a Westfalia and while being up in that roof in a place with so many amazing views, starry skies and hot nights gave us the final inspiration combined with our previous pedigree to get this new canvas to where it needs to be design wise.

Features –

  • Total unrivalled panoramic views of the landscape you are parked in and are part of by allowing the canvas to be fully opened at the front and sides.
  • To introduce a feeling of a high level bed comfort with the feeling you are sleeping outside under a starry sky while being safe from low level critters.
  • To have a mosquito net that can also be fully open or left zipped in place to allow 100% ventilation whilst keeping bugs, mosquitos and flies out of the van.
  • To allow enough coverage still so you can sleep up top on crazy hot nights in the buff and to keep onlookers from getting jealous…
  • Having a unique elasticated clip out tension strap that allows you to pull the roof down without having the sides of the roof canvas pop out the sides like the factory style ones do. This strap also can be kept in place when not sleeping in the roof to give extra torsion to the sides of the canvas and redoing ‘flap’ in high winds.
  • Grey canvas colour to compliment the paint scheme of any van colour.
  • Black mosquito netting for a longer lasting fresh look in dusty conditions.

Usage –

Due to The Panoramic Sky Roof Canvas being a new product we are confident of its ability to deliver in weather conditions that are not extreme/class yellow (UK) and above. Sensible usage should be applied at all times. We hope to withdraw this disclaimer over 2024 when we get a chance to put this new canvas through its paces fully in more extreme weather conditions. The Panoramic Sky Roof Canvas can be used with our ‘VW T25, T3 & Vanagon DELUXE Westfalia Roof Thermal Wrap’ as well as other products in the related products below in this listing that could inhance its capabilities in higher winds, driving rain etc. If in doubt and if you are planning on using your van in conditions that are not fair then please choose our 3 window Westfalia roof canvas for VW T25 T3 Vanagon.

Fitting –  

Roof canvases do require a degree of skill to fit them. That said we believe out of all the roof canvas styles on the market this one should be the most easy to fit. This is due to its design and being able to zip out the whole front and the front corners are really easy to get to and reach those hard to get to lower front corner screws. Also please note that with this canvas only the top plastic beading needs to be fitted just outside the top aluminium strip like the bottom rail does and not inside the top U groove as the factory canvas did.

We recommend having the fitting work carried out by a capable/experienced person. There is no fitting guide but we will try to get some kind of fitting video ready for you in a short while. We do however offer a full fitting service here at the CVC Hanger so drop us a line if you would like to take advantage of the fitting service we offer here on our own products.

Fitment note: The canvas needs to be fitted to the vans roof with the top piping on the outside of the silver rail along the top as shown in the image below. The front corner straps go on the outside and the side middle straps go on the inside. We recommend removing the roof and flipping it for instal as this helps get a nice uniform fitment and a lot less hassle. The front lower corners are really easy to fit with this canvas also due to the whole front zipping out.


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