Pair of upper CVC produced made in the UK ball Joint spacers, complete with fixing hardware.

Our very own CVC produced upper ball joint spacer kit will space the upper arm away from the spring on raised Syncro vans. It puts the upper arm into a higher position to allow you to get camber adjustment back to the front wheels. Simple cost effective fitment, no need to remove the threads from your ball joints to allow fitting, these use the factory thread of your existing ball joint so just pop them on and away you go.

Fits both lifted 4WD Syncro model and lifted 2WD models.

Fitment note – Some of the aftermarket top balljoints (Meyle for example) have an extra ridge on the top of them that will not allow the fitment of a ball joint spacer. Please make sure you have the OEM style factory ball joint type before fitting.

Made in house by All of our in-house products are made right here in West Sussex UK.

Sold as a pair (lets face it you are going to need 2 of these).