CVC say – We love original innovations and Gowesty came up trumps a while back with this one. There is nothing quite like the real thing in both price and function. 


Replace your tired and broken original cable-driven speedometer with a modern all electronic speedometer! Our GoWesty Electronic Speedometer is a drop-in replacement and uses the same mounting as the original unit. We styled the instrument face to closely match the original late-style speedometer. Modern technology with that original look. This GPS speedometer has no moving parts, so it will work like new for years to come with no maintenance.  Even better yet, this speedometer relies on GPS, and not wheel rotation, which means your speed will be accurate no matter what size tires you decide to run!

Please Note: This unit can take up to 30 seconds to report accurate speed as the GPS connects to the satellites. Also, when odometer is set to Kilometers, the speedometer needle will only read to 100KPH.

Kit includes:
• GPS speedometer – MPH (KPH) face
• LCD digital odometer display – Miles or Kilometers
• GPS antenna and wiring harness
• Complete step-by-step installation instructions – including steps to set odometer