We have updated, improved and then developed 100% in house here at your favourite vehicle parts shop in West Sussex.

We went back to the drawing board and called on our own physical experience of vehicle dependent travel and we thought long and hard about the times we were on the road and what was lacking to make that time even more enjoyable. Storage and cargo accessibility is always top of the list. Now we have full control of the products we produce and have a team of time served engineers who only do fabrication and amalgamated with our previous years of taking the road less travelled, we went back to the drawing board. The most important part of development is the experience of using vehicle gear over the years, otherwise the real risk of having someone design something through interpretation of what others are up to is floored from the very start. We realised with rear ladder use that most of us are using our VW T25 T3 Vanagons for much more than just weekend camping so they need some hard mounting option to the bottom of the door.  You DO NOT need to drill holes in your van to fit a rear ladder if you opt for using Sikaflex to bond the lower brackets to the bottom of the rear door, A drill option is available by simply fixing 2 x M6 bolts with nuts and a washer to the lower brackets if required.



We made our new rear ladders from thicker tube so any flex is massively reduced. We also made them a bit wider so you can stand on each rung with two feet. This was a calculated safety feature to reduce the chance of falling when accessing your van’s roof area. Non slip treads have also been added as an option. All fitting hardware is quality stainless steel.


We thought it to be an amazing idea to allow for more storage options on the rear door and the ladder system allows everything you will ever need to take with you on your adventures. We did see with our original left hand mounted single ladder design that people would often attach fuel or water carriers or even spare wheels on the ladder but this made the ladder being used as a ladder redundant. Also when the van’s roof is loaded fully with a couple of kayaks or cargo boxes, getting to the right side was just worth addressing in the new modular product design. There are six pre made fixing points in every ladder to allow solid fixing of our IP designed inner ladder and vehicle centre mounting plates that take our cargo rail sections with no pre drilling required, just use the quality stainless steel and aluminium items provided with your purchase. The cargo rail when fitted to the plates will allow extra fitting of fuel cans, jacks, spades, axes, bike rail or even a spare wheel with one of our nice unique wheel storage covers. We also have a ladder side rail fixing option to store jacks, spades, axes, fishing rods etc..  You can use the side ladder fixing option on both sides of the ladder when not using the middle plate addition with maybe your Hi-lift style jack one side and perhaps and a Quick Fist Mount For CVC SHERPA SIDE MOUNTED STORAGE SYSTEM Top Rail on the other for anything from a spade to a fishing rod to a flag pole.



The True Original Modular Concept

The combinations of how this system can be used really is endless and can be personally assembled and purchased to suit your needs. For example,

  • If you have one of our Swing Outs you can have a ladder fitted to the left or right side to get on top of the vehicles roof. Using the additional ladder centre base plate option you can attach what you need to be on there or use the optional side ladder rail system.
  • You can use the side mount additions on both sides of the ladder when using them independently.
  • If you have a bare rear end you can fit either one or both a left and right rear ladders to have full access to the roof. You can then add the Centre Base Plate and cargo rail sections if required and this allows you to fit pretty much anything from our list of options to the centre plate (including a spare wheel!) to the centre base plate between the ladders.
  • If you would like to offset a wheel mount or any other gear you need to store and only need clear access to the vehicle roof on one side of the rear of the van then fit our centre base plate and ladder centre base plate with rails and have a nice big area to attach big stuff like bike rails or anything else you need to carry while still being able to use a ladder as a ladder.
  • You can also mix it up to exactly how you want things and switch the combinations to your own personal requirements.


Please watch the product and fitting video below so you know what you are getting before you order.