For those needing to add some height to the rear suspension of their T3, T25, Vanagon.

These high grade 10mm aluminium rear spring spacers are just what you need to level your ride height in the rear, depending on the way you normally load your vehicle. For those of you with heavier engine conversions, and the associated rear-end sag, these spacers are a simple and inexpensive remedy. A single spacer can also be added to camper models on the side of the van that the kitchen unit and other furniture is on, opposite the side loading door or to help decrease the “Westy Lean”.

These 10mm spacers can also be used on top of our Syncro (or 2wd I guess) 25mm rear spacers for the same purpose.

To work out what spacer you need simply measure your van’s four wheels from the centre nut to the underside of the wheel arch. You then know what you need from that info. All that is left to do then is to jack the rear of your van up, take the wheel off for clear access, undo the bottom rear shock bolt with 2 x 19mm spanners, push the rear suspension arm down and pop the rear spring out, pop the spacer on top of the spring and fit back everything.

Each pad adds approx 13mm to rear suspension ride height when fitted as a pair.

Made in house by All of our in-house products are made right here in West Sussex UK.

Sold individually so 1 x 10mm spacer per order. If you require 2 then simply select 2 when ordering.