We scored a bunch of genuine VW T25 T3 Vanagon Pre Loved Fog Light Switches that we can now offer to you fine folk.

There are two switch positions with these switches, the first one would be for the front fog or driving lights if you have those fitted and the second switch position is for the front fog lights and the rear fog light. From the factory, UK and European vans that were poverty spec, just had the rear fog lights so the switch was only used in the second position with the first position left unused. You poor Vanagon owners out west quite often didn’t even have these fitted at all we believe but you sure as hell can fit them now.

On Jed’s Westy he uses the original switch that was in his van from factory to do the lower driving lights and the red fog light. A second switch was then fitted in the blank space this and the two switch positions for that were used for the over windscreen light bar and a rear work light so everything on the dash looks factory. There is also included with these switches the yellow light on the switch so you know you left the lights on when driving.

We didn’t bother cleaning these up for you as we figured it would be kind of nice for you to bond with your own personal genuine pre loved fog light switch and clean it with an ear bud before you fit yours to your pride and joy.