VW T25 T3 Vanagon Headlight Relay / Wiring Loom Upgrade (Petrol)

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If you still have the factory headlight setup on your T25 you will no doubt be well aware that light output is scarily small at best. This is due to a number of factors, but mainly because VW in their wisdom had long runs of cable to the headlights with no integrated relay (unlike all modern cars). This combined with 30 year old wiring results in a massive voltage drop by the time power reaches this headlight units, resulting in….you guessed it. Dim lights!

This kit, by rerouting the power so it flows directly from the battery, keeps your lights working as original but increases the voltage that reaches the bulbs, brightening your lights.

You may ask “But you sell LED headlight upgrades, why would I want this?”. We do, but we’re well aware that some customers just do not want LEDs installed in their headlight units. Some people are lovers, some haters. As we’re lovers, we’re making both options available to you!

This kit comes with everything you need to replace your headlight wiring loom:

  • Replaces all headlight cabling.
  • Fitting instructions.
  • A pair of Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H4 bulbs to take full advantage of that extra juice.
  • Full plug and play fitment. No splicing etc.
  • USA Vanagon owners, you will need to have upgraded your headlights to H4 units to be able to use this kit.
  • Compatible with all H4 T25 headlight variations, e.g. sqaure headlights, single and twin round headlights.

Please note there is a separate diesel kit available here.

Fitting is super easy, check out the video below..



3 reviews for VW T25 T3 Vanagon Headlight Relay / Wiring Loom Upgrade (Petrol)

  1. Lee (verified owner)

    Pretty easy to fit, took my time to make it neat. great power boost. Modern lighting in my old air-cooled T25.
    Hell of a difference.

  2. steve.baker27 (verified owner)

    I fitted this kit in about an hour, outside, on my drive. It was really easy to fit, the only difficulty I had was, that in my older headlight, it was possible to fit the bulb in 180° upside down, but very easy to fix. The difference between the old lights and the upgraded ones is amazing. Seeing the cats eyes stretching out as far out into the distance as my eyes could see, is something I am only used to in my ultra modern cars.

    One of THE best upgrades (and I have installed many) I have ever fitted to my van.

  3. Bruce Talmage (verified owner)

    Fantastic kit. Even for a relative mechanical idiot like me the job was quite straightforward (just watch the instruction video provided – a couple of times or more). The lights are such an improvement that driving at night, whilst never a pleasure, is actually ok – whereas before I would have avoided it like the plague, as a fairly unsafe thing to do. Driving by candlelight as never a particularly happy experience.
    The only “hick-up’s” I had were that I couldn’t find a ballast resistor and thought this was the reason why the lights didn’t seem to to work (the problem was actually a loose fuse) and that I had put the bulbs in upside down (a simple job to fix but a bit of an odd experience on my first test drive in the dark).
    It’s worth having some spare self-tapping screws, for re-fitting the headlight baskets, to hand – as the ones on my camper had seized and needed a little “coaxing” with the Dremel. Support from campervanculture was also fairly prompt and good. Thanks very much. Would definitely recommend if you want to make the option of driving in the dark a reasonable option.

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