We made updated changes to our superior headlight upgrade kits. These updates are to include a weatherproof casing for the relays and an even easier to fit connection loom section.

If you still have the factory headlight setup on your T25 you will no doubt be well aware that light output is scarily small at best. This is due to a number of factors, but mainly because VW in their wisdom had long runs of cable to the headlights with no integrated relay (unlike all modern cars). This combined with 30 year old wiring results in a massive voltage drop by the time power reaches this headlight units, resulting in….you guessed it. Dim lights!

This kit, by rerouting the power so it flows directly from the battery, keeps your lights working as original but increases the voltage that reaches the bulbs, brightening your lights.

You may ask “But you sell LED headlight upgrades, why would I want this?”. We do, but we’re well aware that some customers just do not want LEDs installed in their headlight units. Some people are lovers, some haters. As we’re lovers, we’re making both options available to you!

This kit comes with everything you need to replace your headlight wiring loom:

  • Replaces all headlight cabling.
  • Fitting instructions.
  • A pair of Osram Night Breaker Unlimited H4 bulbs to take full advantage of that extra juice.
  • Full plug and play fitment. No splicing etc.
  • USA Vanagon owners, you will need to have upgraded your headlights to H4 units to be able to use this kit.
  • Compatible with all H4 T25 headlight variations, e.g. sqaure headlights, single and twin round headlights.

Please note there is a separate petrol kit available here.

Super easy to fit, check out this video to see for yourself..