VW T25 T3 Vanagon Gowesty Auxiliary Battery Kit 1980-83


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Product Description

Second battery installation kit for all 1980-83 Aircooled Westfalias & NON camper (MV, Weekender, Carat & 7 Passenger w/o sink, stove, fridge system) Vanagons. Includes wiring, relay, fuses, battery hold-down clamp and instructions. This easy to install kit is designed to charge a second battery (located under the drivers’ seat) while the engine is running and isolate it when the ignition is off. You can then safely run your stereo, a power inverter, interior lighting or any other electrical device you choose to power from the auxiliary battery without depleting the charge of your primary starting battery.

*80-83 Westy Owners: This kit will not power your refrigerator off the auxiliary battery, as there is no simple way to do so. This kit merely allows a 2nd battery to be installed, charged and isolated from the main battery when the ignition is off. It is up to you to wire all accessories to it.
*Diesel Owners: If you do not have a fridge relay under the driver’s seat this is the kit for you. If you have the relay, you want to buy the AUX-700.


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