VW T25, T3, Vanagon Dash Pod “Cluster Master” PCB Repair Kit (horizontal plug, water-cooled rev/tacho kit)


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Complete rewiring from start to finish would normally need 9 to 10 hours and requires that you have electronic and VW circuitry experience.
Using this kit you will revive every VW T3/T25/Vanagon cluster’s circuitry in under 30 minutes. Available in Early Air cooled kit, Analog clock kit and Rev counter kit. All kits will fit both petrol and diesel models, for petrol installs you just snip off the orange/yellow LED bulb. Simple..
Before ordering just look to see if the PCB connector on the back of the clocks is horizontal or vertical.

No Experience or Technical “know how” needed, all the hard work has been done for you all ready. We have done our best here to cover all world wide models and configurations and to keep things plug and play.

Early vertical plug inc air cooled engine kit –

Early vertical plug inc air cooled engine kit is an analogue clock, can be used for all clusters that have vertical cluster connector. So whether it’s aircooled or not or if it has analogue clock or no clock at all this is the kit as long as the connector is vertical on the side of the analogue clock. These kits are made to cover early petrol as well as diesel, if it’s for a petrol engine simply cut the yellow LED off at the base, flush with the pc board.

Horizontal plug analog water cooled engine clock kit-
(Most commonly used in UK & Europe)

Horizontal plug analog water cooled engine clock kit has the hi pressure oil buzzer and an analogue clock but always has a horizontal connector at the bottom of the analogue  clock. There are many variations worldwide, some have no  clock at all, some don’t have the buzzer, but the most important thing to note is that these have horizontal connectors. Again, the kits are for petrol and diesel engines, cut the yellow LED glow plug bulb at the base if you have a petrol engine.

Horizontal plug rev counter/tacho water cooled engine kit-
(Most commonly used in UK & Europe )

Horizontal plug rev counter/tacho water cooled engine kit has the oil buzzer, digi clock and tacho. In a nut shell if your van has a digi clock in the middle and a rev counter on the right hand clock from factory then this is the kit you need.


How to remove the old blue ribbon PCB,

How to fit the PCB repair kit,


CampervanCulture.com are the sole UK and European Clustermaster distributor. Trade and wholesale distribution enquires welcome, please contact us directly HERE


  1. Simon

    First thing I would say,
    If you blue printer circuit board (PCB) is tatty and not working as it should then you should definitely buy one of these kits 100%
    Before buying I watched the video and thought it may be beyond me to fit, When it arrived it was not the same as the video it was all made up ready to go.
    So I was very surprised and I decided to have a go.
    It was very easy to fit and in less then 20mins I had it all in!! ( well almost)
    I did have to move one wire in plug that is in the van side of the wiring-loom move it along this very easy to do.
    The A4 fitting Instructions that came with showed the back of the clocks mine was different to the ones in it picture so I still had some wires left over and had known idea why.
    I email camper culture.
    I asked them what to do and if they didn’t know could the email it on the cluster master
    They did and I got a very nice reply from Fazel asking me for photos of me PCB
    I sent him 8 Phogtogefor
    He repaired again and said that mine was a new PCB that he had not seen and would been adding it to there listing!!
    He then told me what to do.
    Insulate most wires with some tap and Simply inserting a 1k 1/2 watt resistor 1/2 between two wires
    and that it. all the wires have different letters on them to make the job simple. Now everything works I know have light in my dashboard that have never worked.

    This may help you on my T25 the wiring on the van was as follows even if your are in a different place the colour coding should be the same
    1) INSTR – White w/ Blue Stripe
    2) HI BEAM – Blue w/ White Stripe
    3) EARTH – Brown Ground
    4) BLANK
    5) CLOCK – Red
    6) TEMP – Yellow w/ Red Stripe
    7) FUEL – Purple w/ Black Stripe
    8) IGNIT – Black
    9) TACHO
    10) TURN – Blue w/ Red Stripe
    11) ALTERN – Blue
    12) HI OIL – Blue w/ Black Stripe
    13) LOW OIL
    14) 0XS/GLOW – Green w/ Black Stripe

    • Daniel

      Hey Simon, thank you for the review/advice for other purchasers. And thanks for your patience 😉 Glad you are all up and running. Cheers, Dan.

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