Loads of you who have our CVC produced quality rock sliders have been asking us for a side ladder option as the rock sliders take up the jacking points on the van, as do our standard side ladder.

We got busy in the fabrication shop and have made this tidy ladder that is both strong and is a good match for the rock sliders. With our unique design it allows you to fit the side ladder anywhere you like along the middle side section of the van. Perfect for doka owners too!

You can now fit your ladder in the perfect place to reach the cargo on the roof or roof top tent or bring it forward when using canisters with our side sherpa system.

Our rock sliders can be found below in the related items.

Fitting tip – Our rock sliders have an obvious designated jacking point in 2 areas. If you do fit this add on ladder then please keep those areas free for the use of a hi-lift jack.