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VW T25, T3 Lower South Africa Wrap Around Grille


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We are pleased to offer these stylish lower radiator wrap-around grilles originally found on South African vans.


Out of stock

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We are pleased to offer these stylish lower radiator wrap-around grilles originally found on South Africa spec vans. Previously we only ever stocked the genuine VW South Africa lower grilles but that stock dried up some years back and they have been NLA for a good while now.  Due to these being still much sought-after grilles and us getting constant emails from customers requesting these we have done the best we can to bring to you a suitable alternative. Because these are an aftermarket item we are being super critical in this product description and want to be absolutely clear that they are not the genuine article and therefore are not of the same quality and fit as a genuine VW part. That said, to the untrained eye you get a grille that has all the looks of what most people want.

  • Along the top edge of the grille there is a slight wave along the whole length of the grille if you look down it.
  • If you lay on the floor and look upwards there can be a slightly bigger gap to the top of the indicator lens.
  • The fins on these grilles are slightly narrower than the standard ones so the fixing grommets need sanding both sides to fit
  • The shaping of the corners is visable and less smooth than the original VW item


We have done our best to describe these grilles the best we can and you may well receive yours and wonder why we have been so fussy with the listing but we just felt it the right thing to do. All the above points are shown in the product images.

This item is fragile so fits into the oversized shipping category due to the extra packaging cost and time to pack this so we can ship this to you in one piece.




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