VW T25, T3 and Vanagon Westfalia Solar Skylight


Mould on the inside of the lift up roof is not unusual, especially in the bed section where it folds away. Read the in the full product description for the science…

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These Solar Skylights are a fit and forget item and operate on their own. Because we use Westfalia Pop Top vans just like you do we get to know about them and their little issues. Mould on the inside of the lift up roof is not unusual, especially in the bed section where it folds away.

Here’s why…

In the winter when the van isn’t getting as much use the van gets cold inside at night and lots of the time during the day too . When the sun does come out and shines through the windows or against the body wok it gets warm. Because there is no airflow inside of the vehicle the heat rises inside the van and the top few centimetres of air space become humid where the hot air has risen. As this warm humid air cools down it forms condensation and water droplets. This allows mould to grow on the inside of your roof and all over the bed in your roof. Nasty hey! Gravity then takes over and the water droplets from high up then drip down or form on the seats, curtains or carpets making your van stink.

This VW T25, T3 and Vanagon Westfalia Solar Skylight comes on automatically when the sun shines on it and removes all of that humidity from inside of your vehicle by switching on an extractor fan.  This will help combat a mouldy roof and bed as well as keep the general health of yourself and your van when using it next.

In the summer and the sun is shining and the inside of the van gets hot, the VW T25, T3 and Vanagon Westfalia Solar Skylight will suck out the hot air and help keep the van cooler inside. Remember these vans can sleep quite a few people at once and in this case it won’t be long before you are all breathing the same air a few times over. Our breath also carries 5% water vapor so it is always a good thing to get that humidity sucked right out. Before you go to sleep try weighing yourself and when you wake up you will be lighter! This is due to the water caper you have been breathing out all night and often while you are thirsty in the morning due to you being dehydrated. The sun comes out really early in the summer so the very quiet fan will start to keep the air fresh before you even wake and help avoid that nasty headache that you can sometimes get.

The Westfalia Solar Skylights have been made in white opaque, this is just because there is quite a bit of the skylight covered by solar panel and it might look a bit ugly if you had to look through a clear skylight.this way you just see the smaller inner section from the inside while the solar unit matches the skylight lens from the outside. We can supply a special order black version on request.

These skylights meet the original factory specs and give you a perfect fit when using the stock hardware. It is not surprising really because unlike any of the other offerings on sale in the UK they are made from the exact mould that was used to make all of the Westfalia skylights for the American market! We have handled some of the others and they are not the same shape and profile when you get to handle them. The only design difference between this skylight and the original is that this one is a single-pane unit. After looking at just how much area of the double glazed options is actually double glazed and bring into the mix you are sleeping in a canvas tent on your vans roof, the insulating properties of a double glazed unit is none existent when the sleeping in the roof.

These hand-crafted skylights feature:

  • Top-quality materials that are more impact resistant than glass and built to withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, sudden temperature changes, and salt water spray.
  • Unparalleled UV protection – absorbs more than 98% of the radiation in the UV range below 400 nanometers.
  • Added protection for pop top roof — if subject to impact beyond the limit of its resistance, it will not shatter into small slivers but will break into comparatively large pieces that will reduce the impact to the pop top roof.
  • Guaranteed fit (when installed according to manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Superior insulation – its U-factor or overall co-efficient of heat transfer is 10% lower than glass.
  • 10-year limited warranty on light transmission capabilities — guaranteed not to lose more than 3% of transmission over 10 years.
  • Will not shrink with age
  • Made in North America 
  • Lots of love for your Westy and you!

Remember when it comes to replacing the skylight on your beloved Westy, cheap knock-offs just don’t cut it. Our skylights and skylight parts are custom manufactured from the refurbished molds used by the original Westfalia parts manufacturer for North America. $1000s have been sepnt refurbishing the molds and returning them to pristine condition to ensure they produce the best possible products.

So if you’re looking for a skylight that fits your budget, is guaranteed to fit and last, and ensures your Westy remains in mint condition, this is the one for you.

Looking for skylight installation instructions? Here’s a helpful article that tells you what you need to know.

CampervanCulture.com now stocks one of the widest ranges of T25/T3/Vanagon Westfalia parts in the UK with new items being added all of the time. We hold all of our stock here in the UK for fast dispatch to the UK and around the world.


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