VW T25, T3, 2wd & Syncro Upper Control Arm Bushing (Full Set) From Gowesty


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Product Description

This is a new brand new product from the Gowesty. We knew they were coming and looked around to see what else was available in the UK and Europe and to stock these are an absolute no brainer! At CVC we are pretty sure it won’t be long before nearly every van will have them fitted considering other offerings currently available for considerably more money!

We are really excited to introduce these GoWesty-designed upper control arm bushings for your 2WD and 4WD Vanagon! These will be the last upper control arm (UCA) bushings you’ll ever purchase. Crafted from Delrin AF (ultra-strong Delrin combined with ultra-slippery PTFE), these bushings never need to be lubricated. The sleeves are made from corrosion-proof stainless steel.

This GW-design also eliminates the need to add a spot weld when installing in a 2WD—now that’s some forward thinking! We strongly recommend these over the Meyle-brand upper control arm bushings, which we also carry. Do it right the first time, and never think about it again! And trust us: When that squeak is gone for good, you’ll be a truly happy camper.

Our kit offers a comprehensive replacement, including brand-new stainless steel eccentric washers.

Installation instructions included.

Important fitment note: Some VW T25, T3 or Vanagons vary—shock towers can be wider/narrower than others. This bushing kit is designed to fit perfectly on the majority of Vanagons out there, but there may be rare instances where removing material from the inner end of the inner sleeve is necessary for exact fitment. Also, some early-model Vanagons have differently-shaped eccentric washers; if yours look different than the ones we provide in our kit, please just reuse your stock washers. 

Replaces VW part number 251 407 077




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