VW T2 Bay Window Westfalia Poptop Heavy Duty Roof Rack/Bar Mounting Brackets


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1 x pair of lightweight aluminium rack/bar mounting brackets for Westfalia pop-top roofs.

10 in stock


The Westfalia Poptop is great, offers so much accommodation space when you park and pop up. These new style heavy duty light weight aluminium poptop roof brackets allow you to fit the CVC roof bars found here and the CVC Adventure Camper roof platform found here. You can also use the CVC Poptop Heavy Duty Roof Rack Brackets to fit most gutter mounted roof rack feet.

They are 40mm shorter than the originals and the reason we did this is because the original ones place your roof bars miles to high in the air, especially if you fit a roof basket or top box on the bars. We had the aluminium brackets shot blasted, etch primed and powder coated so there is no way that these can corrode at all. Ours are also lazar cut not bent and drilled but they had to be really because of the superior design and thickness of them. Our brackets are much thicker than the thin bent steel ones that are available so the rack has a good bit of meat to grab onto. We have personally had roof racks slip off leaving them behind with the thin metal ones available elsewhere hence why we have developed our own.

These are supplied with full stainless steel fixing kit and allow the gutter to share the weight of the roof rack when driving so all of the strain of the load is not on the side of the fibre glass roof.

SOLD IN PAIRS – please select multiples required.
We sell these in pairs to give you the option to fit 3 pairs if you like. This will allow you to move one of your roof bars further up the front of the van if carrying a long board or kayak and the option to fit your roof bar further back when carrying lots of weight or smaller load at the back so you can still lift your roof. If all the weight was put up front lifting the roof far away from the lifting hinge would make it very difficult to lift the roof.

This is why we sell them in pairs, to give you more options.

The roof needs to be in streight original condition and shape in order for the to work well.


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