When travelling off road especially in sand we find a need to deflate our tyres, and re-inflate our tyres for a wider and longer tyre patch. The “Clearview Tyre Spider ” allows you to deflate all 4 tyres at the same time, re-inflate your tyres at the same time without having to spend time on your knees at each wheel.

The “Tyre Spider” will allow you to easily stagger your tyre pressures allowing more air for the rear tyres and less for the front if needed.

The “Tyre Spider” will allow you to borrow air from the other three tyres from your vehicle without the aid of a compressor.

With two 5 metre hoses and two 8 metre hoses in each kit, this allows for the use of the longest wheel-based vehicles.

Save time, knees and back pain by efficiently inflating, deflating and equalising your tyres without the need of a chiropractor.