tiger2solar Suction cup set for solar bags


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Suction cup set suitable for mounting tiny or big tiger solar bags. Quality production in Germany with “reformable” material and flowed around hole plate as a thread base, which makes it almost impossible to tear out.

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Suction cup set for attaching tigerexped solar bags

With this combination of knurled screws and Goliath hook suction cups, the tiny or big tiger solar bag sits like a glove behind the windshield. So you can fill up with solar power, protected from “taking” the solar bag, even while you are not in the vehicle. To do this, the sun is kept away from the driver’s cab, which slows down excessive heating of the vehicle. Of course, the suction cups also hold the solar bag on any other smooth surface, such as the outside of the vehicle. You can see where you are currently generating the most yield at your location and with which orientation the panel is via the Bluetooth connection of the charge controller to your mobile phone on the VictronConnet app.

Simply guide the thread through the eyelets in the four corners of the solar pocket and fasten them with the knurled screw. The two suction cups with hooks are placed above and below in the middle. The easiest way to assemble it is to attach the lower Goliath hook first. Place the solar bag on top, then press the suction cups into place at the corners. The upper Goliath hook is finally mounted for a perfect fit without sagging.

The size of 60/50 mm offers a secure hold without covering the cells!

Version in black to prevent a burning glass effect, which can lead to discoloration or even holes on the dashboard at certain angles of incidence of the sun.

Instructions for use

The suction cups are extremely adhesive and are made by an experienced specialist in Germany. The key to using the adhesive strength is the cleanliness of the suction cup and the surface. Cleaning that is also degreased (with detergent water, for example) works wonders. When attaching the suction cups, press in the middle and hold for 1 to 2 seconds so that the air under the suction cup can escape.


The rubber of the suction cups can deform during transport and storage. We therefore recommend not to fold up the solar bag with the suction cups installed, but to remove them after use.

If a suction cup is deformed, it can be returned to its original shape thanks to the high-quality material – simply place the suction cup in hot water at 80 – 90 degrees. The rubber “remembers” its actual shape and assumes it again.


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