tiger2solar solar panel 100Wp “black tiger 100” (28x Sunpower cells, 955x540mm)


Framed solar panel with 24.2 % cell efficiency with the dimensions 955x540x35 mm, specially optimized for high open circuit voltage for lower temperature influence

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This framed solar module with special glass is equipped with top of the range Sunpower cells with rear contact and comes with a noble, black anodized frame.
The particularly low temperature coefficient and the special circuitry for a high open-circuit voltage allow for more energy yield*) even at high temperatures and low irradiances.
The connection is made at the rear via pre-assembled cables, each 0.9m long, with MC4 standard connectors.

cells per module 4 x 14
solar cells Sunpower Maxeon Gen. III
quality Ultra Peak Performance
power tolerance +- 3 %
nominal peak power (P max) 100 Wp
nominal voltage (V mpp) 31.0 V
nominal current (I mpp) 3.23 A
voltage temperature coefficient -1.74 mV/K
current temperature coefficient 2.9 mA/K
power temperature coefficient -0.29 %/K
open circuit voltage (V oc) 37.20 V oc
short circuit current (I sc) 3.48 A sc
cell efficiency 24.2 %
operating temperature -40 to +85 °C
max. system voltage 600 VDC
size 955 x 540 x 35 mm
weight 5.9 kg

technincal data at STC (standard test conditions) with 25°C ambient temperature, 1000 W/msolar irradiance and an AM factor of 1.5.

*) 25% better temperature coefficient than conventional modules, therefore less power loss when heated


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