tiger2solar Solar bag 180Wp “big tiger 180” with cable set


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Solar bag with a full 180 Wp output! Ultra high efficiency and optimized technology make this foldable solar module a fully-fledged solution for generating 100% self-sufficient green electricity for the camper.

3 in stock


big tiger – the solar bag with powerful 180 Wp

With our own tigerexped solar range, we attach great importance to high-performance technology, because all too often in the camping sector compromises are made in favor of increasing profits.

With our solar modules, regardless of whether they are foldable, semi-flexible or rigid, you get the highest output, even in very hot weather or when it is already dawn. That makes an energy increase of up to 25% for your camper compared to conventional products!

Solar bag or permanently installed module

Solar bags are used when the vehicle is stationary. With fold-out feet, they can be set up and aligned at any position on the vehicle and at the best angle to the sun. For example, you can park comfortably in the shade while the solar panel charges your batteries in the sun. With permanently installed modules, of course, no electricity is to be expected under the palm tree. Often there is simply not enough space on the roof and the solar bag functions as a supplement to an existing system.
A solar bag is not waterproof and should therefore not be left outside when it rains. In this case it does an excellent job behind the windshield, weather permitting. When used in the sun / heat, it also shields the driver’s cab from excessive solar radiation, and it cannot be stolen there when you leave the vehicle. When folded, the solar bag has a practical handle and fits into a narrow storage slot.

Charge regulator

A solar charge controller is required for connection to the vehicle battery. A cable is already included in the scope of delivery. It has a length of 5 meters. If there is already a controller in the vehicle through a permanently installed system, it can be used IF (!) It can process the common, maximum power. For an optimal power output, however, it is recommended to use a separate MPPT charge controller for the solar bag. The optionally available SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 solar controller fits perfectly. The charging data of the solar bag can be called up on the smartphone via Bluetooth. Extension or replacement cables are also available separately.
A lot of interesting information about solar in the camper, charge controller technology and more can be found in our solar Q&A video below!

scope of delivery

1 x 5 m long connection cable for connecting the solar bag to the controller cable, 2 cables for connecting to the solar controller (1x controller solar bag, 1x controller battery connection cable), 1x connection cable with battery pole terminals, 1x connection cable for cigarette lighter
!DANGER! Not included in the scope of delivery: Solar controller – this must be configured additionally if there is none in the vehicle that can also be used for the solar bag.

Technical data and pack size

Max. Power (P max): 180 W
Open circuit voltage (V oc): 24 V
Short circuit current (I sc): 9.72
AMPP voltage (V mpp): 20 VMPP
current (I mpp): 9 A
Max. System voltage: 100 V

Folded size: 820 x 440 x 20 (50 mm with pannier)
Unfolded size: 1545 x 820 x 15 mm
Cell technology: Sunpower Mono 3.64 W
Zell efficiency: 23.36%

Technical data given at STC (standard test conditions) with 25 ° C ambient temperature, 1000 W / m² irradiance and an AM factor of 1.5.


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