tiger2solar Solar bag 120Wp “tiny tiger 120” with cable set (ETFE surface, 3x40W Sunpower), charge controller optional


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For small applications, which should be supported by solar energy in a portable and financially manageable way, we now offer our solar bag “tiny tiger 120”. It convinces with an efficiency of 22.14% (!) and is equipped with a resistant ETFE surface.

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Free & unbound! Portable use for van, boat, picnic or as an addition to the existing solar system – no installation necessary. Specially made to our specifications, our solar bag “tiny tiger 120” charges longer and more effectively than conventional solar bags. Responsible for this are among others the Sunpower Maxeon Gen. III cells of the quality class: Ultra High Performance*)

max. power (P max) 120 W
open circuit voltage (V oc) 24.6 V
short circuit current (I sc) 6,32 A
MPP voltage (V mpp) 20,9 V
MPP current (I mpp) 5,97 A
max. system voltage 25 V
weight 2.7 kg
size folded 560 x 440 x 20 mm
size opened 1525 x 560 x 4 mm
cell technology Sunpower Maxeon Gen. III
quality Ultra High Performance
cell efficiency 22,14 %

technincal data at STC (standard test conditions) with 25°C ambient temperature, 1000 W/msolar irradiance and an AM factor of 1.5.

Solar bags are used in park operation. With the integrated, fold-out feet, they can be set up according to the best angle of the sun and aligned independently of the parking position of the vehicle. The supplied cable has a length of 5m. Of course, the panel must not be placed outside in the rain. However, in inconsistent weather – or otherwise – it can be placed in the windshield of the van, boat or other vehicle. In our rain example it can therefore immediately supply energy again when the rain clouds disperse. Of course, it also provides shade in the vehicle and supplies energy for consumers such as coolers etc.

A solar controller is required for connection to the vehicle battery. If no solar controller is available, we recommend the SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 solar controller with Bluetooth, e.g. to call up the charging data on a cell phone. The cable set for connection to the vehicle and a 5m extension are included in the delivery. Spare cables can of course be ordered in our store.?

*) What makes these cells so special and our tiny tigers so efficient?
A better temperature coefficient is responsible for 25% less power loss due to heating (compared to conventional panels). For explanation: the manufacturer’s performance specification always refers to 25 degrees, but a panel in the sun quickly becomes 70 degrees Celsius hot, which results in less performance. In winter, on the other hand, a panel may well perform better than originally specified by the manufacturer. So our panels perform better even at high temperatures and in twilight. This is again due to the fact that the cells used are more sensitive to a wider light spectrum. So that means charging earlier in the morning and charging longer in the evening! With an efficiency of 22.14%, our solar bag generates more energy for longer than comparable models on the market.?Added to this is the EFTE surface, which inherently absorbs less dirt and if it does, is easier to clean than conventional surfaces. It also reduces the amount of reflected radiation when the sun is at a flat angle.

Some more key data:
tiny tiger 120 consists of 3 panels with 40W each, in total 120W. The small packing size of the bag should also be emphasized: the size of the bag when folded is 560x440x20 mm, when unfolded it is 1525x560x4 mm. The weight of 2.7 kg is also impressive.?However, the biggest PLUS compared to similar products is the cell efficiency of 22.14 %.

Scope of delivery:

  • Solar bag tiny tiger 120
  • 1x 5m long connection cable from the solar bag to the controller cable
  • 2 cables for connection to the solar controller (1x controller solar bag, 1x controller battery connection cable)
  • 1x connection cable with battery pole terminals
  • 1x connection cable for cigarette lighter

!ATTENTION! not included in delivery: – Solar controller – this must be configured additionally, if not already present in the system.


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