tiger2solar Foldable 120Wp Solar Charger with MPPT charge controller


The perfect package for your portable power supply! 120 Wp foldable solar panel with MPPT charge controller from Victron Energy, 2 x 5 m extension cables and powerful suction cups for attachment behind the windshield or on the outside of the vehicle.


We decided to make things a bit easier.  With everything you need to enjoy solar power, this kit has everything you need to get solar energy.

This kit includes the very popular Victron MPPT controller, which allows you to connect to bluetooth to monitor the power you are getting and to ensure your blanket is in optimum position.

We have also included the suction cups, these allow you to fit the solar panel to the inside of your window shield or any flat, smooth surface.

Solar blankets have lot’s of advantages, we know from first hand experience how useful they can be in all sorts of terrain.  Here are some of the key points to consider when looking at solar blankets;

  • They can be added to your existing solar set up, so if you have ran out of roof space, you can now pop one of these on your window shield to keep the cab cool and benefit from extra power!
  • They are super efficient.  When the sun moves, the solar panel can too.  This means you can easily angle it to make the most of it.  This can make a massive difference and gives you complete flexibility about where you park!
  • Park in the shade, put the solar in the Sun.  Don’t let your camper over heat and cause the fridge to suck up extra power.  Park in the shade, keep the camper cool and your fridge extra cold!
  • Snow, ice, sand and mud.  These are just some of the things that can cause the fixed panels not to work well.  The blanket doesn’t have to worry about these, it only has to be put out when you are parked (the alternator charger generates plenty when driving anyway!)



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